Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Amazing* Sketch

I just stumbled across carbonmade for the first time, and I am in awe.  The concept is simple -- helping artists and designers display their work in an easy-to-post, easy-to-use format.  But WOW.  First of all, their homepage just makes me smile from the overwhelming cuteness:

Pink Unicorn + Mustache Log-In Button + Magical Mountain = OMG squee!
What truly impressed me, though, was the quality of work it features.  Here's some of my favorites:

This is a sketch done by Viet-My Bui, an illustrator and digital artist based out of Australia.  My mouth's watering just *thinking* about using this as a wedding concept.  So vibrant, full of movement and possibilities.

Photograph by Alexandra Cameron, based in the UK.

Painting by Nicole Duennebier, based out of Massachusetts. 

And way too many more to post!

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